"After putting myself through college by playing piano in a dance band, I finally learned how to play piano correctly by studying with Donna Dawson. It has made me a happy man. I'm thrilled!" Craig W., Poway, CA.

"I was a Navy-band piano player my entire military career. When I came to study with Donna Dawson I hugely enjoyed the work I did with her, and fulfilled my dream of becoming a classical concert pianist." David C., San Diego, CA. 

"After 3 years of piano lessons which got them nowhere, our kids studied piano with Donna Dawson, the person we call 'San Diego's Best Piano Teacher.' They learned enormous amounts of music and played 2 recitals a year and were therefore prepared to audition and become members of several different performing ensembles at their schools. They learned Classical, Jazz, different Folk Styles and Hebraic music and enthusiastically learned to create their own music as well as to improvise. Thanks, Donna." Dan S., Del Mar, CA.

"My studying piano and composition with Donna Dawson led me to my goals. I am now able to write my original music with a clear understanding of how melodies and harmonies work together, and am now able to write variations! Great teacher!"
Naftali C., San Diego, CA.

"We've had several family members work with Donna, who responded exceedingly well to their musical needs; we're delighted!"
Lisa and John F., La Jolla, CA.