“She is a charming teacher filled with an elegant love for music. She is passionate, introspective and…fun!” From San Diego Reader profile of Donna Dreiman-Dawson
Juilliard Trained
San Diego's Most Acclaimed and Best Piano Teacher
Special concentration on adults.  All levels taught - beginning through advanced.
Harmony * Theory * Technique * Ear-Training
Located in Hillcrest
Phone: (619) 295-2705

I teach on a Steinway grand piano which is known for the beauty of its tonal quality and particularly for its 2-oz. action. This enables me to teach Technique in addition to Theory, Harmonic Analysis, Ear-Training and Musicianship. The technique I teach, originated by Madame Isabelle Vengerova, is specific about the uses of wrist motions in creating dynamics and a variety of tonal colors in the accurate interpretation of the music of different composers from all different eras. In addition, this technique provides note-security by utilizing rhythmic accents while learning the music, which in fact eliminates the need for memorizing.

I especially like to teach adults who come to me with various amounts of prior knowledge – and sometimes no experience at the piano - with a great love for music and want to express themselves musically in any style they choose – Classical, Broadway, Jazz, etc. 

At all times I teach on a one-on-one basis and individualize each lesson. I do not utilize “method” books; but instead, my students enjoy learning composers’ real music as soon as they can read it.

I teach children as well and am very strong relating to kids (7 and above) who are motivated to do the practicing that reaps the rewards of playing more and more difficult music. The different styles of music are available to all of my students, including children.

I work with duets with all different levels of students. I do this to enhance sight-reading and the sheer fun of playing ensemble.

I help my students prepare individual recitals for those who want to play them – and often will participate by playing duets with them if they request it. Performing in recitals is not required ..that decision I leave up to the student. Occasionally, in addition, depending on who is in my studio at any given time, I will have get-togethers in which each student plays one piece and that exposes them to all kinds of repertory they may want to study themselves.

In addition to my regular piano students, I have taught composers as well as singers and others who want a good background in being able to play properly and have the fun of succeeding well at what they are learning.

The typical lesson schedule is one hour per week for anyone over 12, and 45 minute lessons for those below 12. Occasionally I teach ½ hour lessons to young children.

All teaching is done at my studio in the Hillcrest area of San Diego which is immediately above Balboa Park and is easy to reach from all other parts of the county.
I want to thank you all for the interest you have shown me over the years and tell any prospective students that after 50+ years of teaching I have retired as of 6/2020.

I wish you all good luck with music and again say that I had wonderful students over the years and
enjoyed teaching very much as well as my performing career.